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Intel Report: Join the True Romance: 

tho Ceandinavian *•%*!**'*— it Time enough lor love 

UIC 9UUIUUMTMU IIUUMrjr in the age oS cold science? 

SUrvivaliSt Trenchside with SKTFM and 

underground Cimmerian of Rantmedia 

Life lessons from Robert A Heinlein Sarging in Sweden 

Give me 


text AHA 

-- «S 

These days I am thinking about Movie- 
Feeling. What's that? It's yet another 
one of those internal-jargon things you 
get in a circle of friends who are too 
smart and too bored. 

So it is thus that we turn to movies 
and TV for guidance, inspiration and 
escapism. Enter the concept of Movie- 
Feeling, or MF as we like to call it. In 
short: life is boredom, the movies are 

MF is those rare moments when the 
worlds cross over and you find your- 
self the protagonist of a cheesy 8Ds 
flick, like some kind of Ferriss Conan. 

Sweden has its qwh MF of course, but it's the 
wrong kind. Dn the gDad days, it's Social Realism, 
on the bad days it's staring Qver at grinning Death 
over a game of chess. 

Nd, it has to be Hollywood. 

We devour that shit. We like it all, though the 80s al- 
ways show us a particulary good time. As long as 
it offers an uplifting, romantic, and heroic sense of 
life where Man is a capable agent in a benevolent 

b_^^> IS 


wkatg on t/t& (Hind ok oar Mowd Leader t/wge daus? Listen up/ 

feel inq or give me 



"Oh the, pood daps, its 

Social Rea&sm, on the, Sad 

daps its staring over at 

/Httto Death owr a 
pome of obese. 

Universe - quoth the Rand - then we are 
game. The purest strain of MR oddly enough, is 
mined from college and high school flicks. 
Don't ask me why, the empirical data is sound 
but no one has a grand unified theory yet. It's 
like quantum physics, if you ask too many 
questions the answer travels back in time and 
screws your grandmother and jams up your 
hadron collider. 

But why are we acting like teenage girls, con- 
stantly chatting about vapid American pop 
culture like it was equal to the Great Philoso- 
phers that we read when were younger and 
more idealistic? 
I mean, these friends of mine are big burly 

powerlifters with military backgrounds and 
most of 'em hardcore misanthropes, cynics 
and doomers. 

They may like teenage girls, but that's an- 
other matter... 
I'm guessing it's a reaction to Sweden. 

Take the most Social Realist thing you can 
think of and you probably get a Swedish 
movie with no background music about bor- 
ing people bickering over trivial shit and 
never going somewhere with their lives. 

All this happens while grey sludge is pour- 
ing down from the perennially-overcast sky, 
the only thing colder than your Volvo is the 
people around you, and you get like 3 cents 

out of your paycheck when taxes and the 
obligatory alcoholic painkillers for the soul 
are paid for. 

What's the inverse of that? My take on it: 
the sway of palms, just the right 80s tune on 
the FM, a clever dialog tree peppered with 
quips referencing pop-culture, adventures 
aplenty just around the corner, and the lus- 
cious warm breeze in your face as you cruise 
down the IDI with your kick-ass posse of hawt 
babes and idiosyncratic yet loyal friends. And 
vampires. Dh yes, vampires. 

Would that I could teleport myself to the 



Interesting Times is a self-help magazine for extreme people, help- 
ing you survive and thrive in the cyberpunk future of today. Head- 
quartered in Sweden, the magazine provides a unique perspective 
on the current age of possibility, where every new happening 
holds the potential for both disaster and groundbreaking success. 

The magazine aims to implement total world domination using 
a shock & awe toolbox of positive thinking, power armor and 
pornstar girlfriends, edifying the reader with an eclectic mix of in- 
teresting subjects including lifestyle design, preparations for the 
post-apocalypse, and the pursuit of superhuman fitness through 
batmanesque bodyhacking. ^^^_ 

Building better bad-asses is our main objective and we aim to 

The suck stops here! 

Interesting Times - your source of sanity points since 2009! 


Cover: 22nd century Swedish Mobile Infantry, 13 Varmland Regiment. 
Artist: Jonas "Noceur" Strom 

Editor-for-life: A.H.A. 
Layout: Imoto 

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. vVfr 


Living in this modern world of cell phones and blackberries, GPS systems and talk- 
ing cars, it is easy to ignore the "Things That Have Come Before." The deeds, the 
fights... even the tools. A wood-handled pocketknife, a metal flask, a steel revolver 
- these were the blackberries and PDA's of the past, these were the things that a 
man couldn't leave the house without. 

It was a different world, of course; much less politically correct, much more vi- 
olent, and without the room for the bullshit and whining that we have now. It was 
simpler then: those who did not work, starved. Those who did not build, froze. Those 
who would not fight, died. 

As a newspaper reporter, my job revolves 
around History. It's very nearly impossible 
to write about something happening now 
without knowing the history of what hap- 
pened before, be it a sewer plan or a road 
improvement. But we, as a people, overlook 

that history far too much. 

The town I cover is a small one in the 
northern section of New Jersey. It isn't 
known for much, and doesn't contain the 
rich and famous or the upper 

echelon of the state - but it does have his- 
tory. So much, that sometimes I feel that 
it rises up and floods the streets, as if one 
could not walk down the main thoroughfare 
without seeing the ghosts rise, without 
watching, through some hole in time, the 
rolling fields and rocky slopes long since 
demolished and developed. 

The road that leads down the center of the 
town dates to the before the Revolution. It 
was heavily valued because it ran from the 
banks of a main river, all the way up to a 
road that led to the mountainous areas in 
northern part of the state. During the War 
for Independence, that mountain road was 
major road that wasn't controlled by the 
British, thus making this small, seemingly 
insignificant turnpike invaluable for the 

In this town, where a school now sits, 
Washington's troops once slept; all those 
centuries ago, there were lines of white 
tents filled with hungry, battle-torn troops 
trying to forge a country. In the mornings, 
they made the groans and grunts of an 
army as it awakes, made coffee in the 
predawn hours; in the evenings, they 
played cards around a fire or wrote letters 
home. Which ones would die at lunch... that 
was for History to decide. 

It is rumored that Washington himself once 
attended services at a white church a few 



"it was a different world, of course; 

much less politically correct, much more violent, 

avid without the room, for the bullshit 

avid whitA,iiA,g that we have viow." 

hundred yards up from the site where his 
troops slept. It is hard tD lank at those floor- 
boards and imagine the boots of the great 
general crunching over them once so long 
ago; sometimes it's hard to believe the man 
himself was real at all, and not just some 
mythical figure created so kids have some- 
one to read about in the third grade. Some 
of those veterans of the Revolution are 
buried in that church's cemetery, which is 
also a final home for several Civil War vet- 
erans- even a Medal of Honor winner. They 
sit under tilted, barely legible headstones 
that vainly try to name the hero who lies be- 

Some miles to the south, at the intersection 
of two major rivers, sit two bridges that con- 
nect towns and counties. They are open to 
car traffic now, and the river is murky and 
polluted. Dnce though, it was clear, pristine... 
the sites where the bridges are found are 
said to be old Indian fords for the tribes that 
lived along its banks. 

Some miles to the north, another main road 
runs through a mountain pass. Even though 
thousands use it every day for their com- 
mutes, few know that the road there exists 
for the simple reason that it is the only way 
to get through the hills that form the begin- 
nings of the Appalachians. Dnce, there was a 
fort that was designed to keep the Indians 
out of the plains below, where the first white 
settlers were gathering. 

Now, all you can see is a small blue sign along 
the road that denotes that the fort once ex- 
isted, as no footprint remains. By that sign, 

there is a closed down bar, an overpass for 
the highway, and tattered white houses with 
American flags on the porch. 

I'm not saying that people should kno 
thing... if they did, I'd have nothing 
about. But they should stop and taki 
ing glance every once in a while 
these places as they once were. I 
through the lens that history has 
, and don't forget the monumenta 
people no different than us ace 
Look at a topographical map, 
and see why things were built 
the way they were- the land 
tells a story that you'd have 
missed otherwise. And if noth- 
ing else, it will put our own 
lives, our own time, in per- 
spective, and tell us to enjoy 
those fleeting moments that 
we so oft look past. 

w every- 
to write 
take a pass- 
and imagine 
provided us 



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ji ■ 

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, & 

1 I^^H 

^■^i'fi-h.'^.f '"- 

Release: June 2, 2DD9 
Pages: 2D8 

So, you are probably asking yourself what you 
should expect from a book called Eat fight? You 
are probably wondering what it's about and if 
you should check it out. Well, I have checked it 
out and all I can say after reading it is: don't 
pay too much attention to the title! In fact, I 
can't even thinkof a suitable title for a book like 
this.To illustrate my point: here is a phone mes- 
sage that the author and former UFC Light 
Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin left for 
his editor on New Year's Eve 2009 (they sus- 
pect alcohol was involved), which was included 
in the beginning of the book: 

"I hate ta beat a daad harse but yau saund like 
a waman an yaur fucking little answering ma- 
chine there. This is Farrest Griffin, as yau can 
tell I'm fram fuckin' Eeargia - nut just Eeargia, 
FUEKIN' Eeargia. 'Eat Fight?' is nat a gaad title 
far me. Leak, the whale 'Eat Milk?' thing was 
1334. I actually Eaagled that shit. Nineteen 
ninety fuckin' faur. It's mare than a decade 
past brather, so. uh, we're gaing ta came up 
with a new title and yau re gaing ta develap a 
manly vaice like mine [dark raspy laugh]. " 

the 50 Zen principles of b^n4- 
to-fece combat by Forrest Griffin 

But apparently, they weren't able to come up 
with a better title. The book is called Got 
Fight? TtiE 50 Zen principles of Hand-to-FacE 
Combat Don't worry about it, it's just a title. 
They had to call it something. But what's it 
about? Well, even though you get to learn a 
little about Forrest Griffin's life it's not really 
an autobiography. This book pays more at- 
tention to disturbing anecdotes than personal 
milestones. And even though you get a lot of 
useful tips, it's not really a guide to anything 
in particular. And I'm sorry to say that there 
are no 5D Zen principles listed between the 
covers. This book is simply what happens 
when you give Forrest Griffin a pen and some 
paper and leave for a while. 

It starts with a short quiz, designed to test 
your manliness and determine if you are 
worthy of reading the thing. However, there 
are two problems with this test. First off, I'm 
not really sure that you want to pass the test. 
I got a pretty good score, and it just made 
me kind of worried about myself. 

The second problem is that the only benefit 
you get for passing the test is being allowed 
to read this book in public. Actually, there is 
nothing stopping you from reading it in pub- 
lic, worthy or not, Forrest is probably too 
busy cutting weight and playing with guns to 
punish you. But reading a book like this in 
public is kind of like wearing an "Affliction" 
or "TapDut" t-shirt. If you don't already know 
why it's a bad idea, you really need to read 
this book! 

What follows after the test is a journey into 
Forrest Griffin's mind. And it truly is a beau- 
tiful and fascinating mind he has underneath 
those layers of scar tissue and badly cut hair. 
He goes through the social, mental and phys- 

ical aspects of fighting and mixed martial 
arts, as well as giving tons of random tips on 
life, dating, pop-culture and being a gentle- 
man. Make no mistake, Forrest Griffin is a 
true gentleman. As you may expect, this book 
is full of foul language and disgusting stories 
from Forrest's life. It might be considered 
crude by some, but so is Miyamoto Musashi's 
Book of FivE Rings. 

Forrest says that ha expects 

his booktD only make the 

reader dumber. But I feel kind 

of enlightened after reading it. 

I consider this book an essay on the art of 
not taking yourself too seriously. When you 
read it, you will understand why Forrest Grif- 
fin is one of the most popular MMA-fighters in 
the world. With self-deprecating humor he 
manages to entertain the reader, give a lot of 
useful tips and express his personality with- 
out seeming pretentious in any way. He ex- 
plains a lot about his personal outlook on his 
life and career. And I truly admire his rea- 
soning. He describes a lot of intriguing ways 
to develop mental toughness and avoid per- 
formance anxiety. The author talks a lot 
about toughness and manliness, but not in a 
way that weakens you by attaching tons of 
macho bullshit to your ego. Forrest says that 
he expects his book to only make the reader 
dumber. But I feel kind of enlightened after 
reading it. 

The best things about this book are the philo- 
sophical and mental aspects and the enter- 
tainment value, but the basic tips on fighting 

and training that Forrest shares with the 
reader are pretty good. You also get an in- 
side look into the world of mixed martial arts 
from the perspective of one of the most 
unique and fascinating personalities in the 
sport. And you get to take a peek into the 
mind of a true fighter. To really appreciate 
it, I think you have to be pretty down to earth 
and have a true understanding of humor, be- 
cause even if it may appear as gross, re- 
tarded jock-humor at a first glance, most of 
it is really clever. It's not exactly the best 
book I have ever read, but it is without a 
doubt the funniest. It feels shorter than it re- 
ally is, but I felt that it was remarkably re- 
warding for such a light read. I'm not sure if 
everyone will enjoy this book as much as I 
did. Even if I would recommend basically any- 
one to go and check it out, I believe that it will 
appeal mostly to young men in general and 
fans of martial arts in particular. Whoever 
you may be, if you feel tempted to buy it I can 
almost guarantee that you won't be disap- 

ffcf if si* ■, , Bi lfimM i 


Low f$ tke water ok offa 

drin/o it down with, mart and $oao/ 

Rumi, Divan of Shams nf Tabriz 

Science ruins everything. 

Unveiling the mystery reveals the 
pedestrian beneath, and lave is no 

It turns nut that love, that other con- 
summation devoutly to be wished, is 
just a twitch of your brain. 

Think of your brain as The Blob, DDzing chem- 
icals sd strong they can take the paint off a 
car, and you won't be wrong. The ebb and 
flow of these chemicals in the ooze creates 
the emotions that drive us: Dopamine basi- 
cally keeps us alive. It is the chemical of re- 
ward-seeking, impelling us at the most basic 
level to eat and fuck. (At the most sophisti- 
cated level, it's what makes playing Halo 3 so 
much fun, and it makes inventing new bombs 
or the cure for cancer seem like they're 
worth doing.) There's Cortisol, the chemical 
that jacks you up enough to get out of bed in 
the morning so you can go find food or a cure 

for cancer. Norepinephrine gives us bursts 
of speed to escape tigers, and serotonin 
helps us chill. And there's oxytocin, the chemi- 
cal that keeps us from running in terror from 
our fellow human beings. 

Applied to human relationships, dopamine is 
the neurochemical of mate-seeking, while 
oxytocin is the chemical of mate-having, in 
other words, monogamy. Think of dopamine 
as the chemical of emotional desire and oxy- 
tocin as the chemical of emotional satisfac- 

When you look at it this way, love becomes 
dead simple. When the hypothalamus, a 
chemical factory in the center of the brain, 
releases oxytocin, it calms down the amyg- 
dala, the part of the brain that handles fear; 
it also makes you feel good about someone 
else. Good enough to give a street person 
some coin, good enough to hang out with 
someone for days, good enough to offer your 
body and soul to that person. 

Hypothalamus -> brain -> love. 
It's that simple. 

If this seems mechanistic, it gets worse. Love 
is a conditioned response. Just like Pavlov's 
dogs learned to salivate when he rang a bell, 

we learn to release DxytDcin in response to 
whatever kind of attention we get as babies. 
If you're lucky, you learn vanilla love - your 
brain releases oxytocin when you're close to 
someone you can trust, someone who loves 
you back. Unfortunately, if you're raised by 
the human equivalent of hyenas, you may 
never develop the oxytocin response at all. 
Dr you may only feel the oxytocin rush with 
people who are mean or cold or evil. 

Why should something as important as the 
ability to love be left to the vagaries of par- 
enting? Shouldn't this be as hardwired as 
digestion or respiration? 

Evidently, it was more adaptive - that is, a 
baby had a better chance of surviving to pass 
on its genes - if his parents liked him. I'm 
using like as opposed to love to differentiate 
the experience of being comfortable with 
someone from that of having a deep oxytocin 
bond with him. Cold or anxious parents might 
have a harder time dealing with a sunny, 
happy child, for example, so nature arranged 
things so that our brains would keep devel- 
oping after birth, allowing us to adapt emo- 
tionally to whatever the family's emotional 
culture was. 

To get anthropomorphic, nature didn't de- 
sign us to love, she designed us for just one 
thing: procreation. 

All the good stuff - romance, orgasm, cud- 
dling - is just bribes, nature's sneaky ways 
of getting sperm near egg as often as possi- 
ble. But there's more to this plan. While most 
animals get together, dpap a clutch or litter, 
and move on, human babies stay weak and 

defenseless for years. In fact, our brains 
don't reach their full size for at least three 
years. This lets us be the smartest animals 
on Earth, because our proportionally big 
brains don't have to squeeze through the 
birth canal. But it meant that, pre-civilization, 
a baby really needed two parents to increase 
the chances it would survive. 

Enter lave. Enter oxytocin. 

While procreation is nature's end game, love 
helps make sure it happens. When a couple 
loves each other, they're more likely to stick 
by that pink, squirmy baby. 

There's another kind of oxytocin response 
that's stronger and more automatic than the 
burst we get from trusting social inter- 
actions. Sex floods the body and the brain 
with oxytocin in a mechanism that seems to 
be separate from the learned 
response - separate and 
much more powerful. 

Sex connects the brain 
and the genitals via the 
vagus nerve, the pathway 
between the brain and bod- 
ily sensations. Dxytocin 
traveling back and forth 
between the body and the 
brain creates an oxytocin 
experience that feels 
more profound and more 

This is why, when we fall 
in love, we feel like we 
never knew what love 
was before. It is indeed a 
different experience. 

Nature's idea was that this profound experi- 
ence would keep a couple having lots of sex 
and lots of babies. Maybe a few of the babies 
would survive the rigors of living in the wild. 
The recent discovery of ArdipittiEcus 
ramidus, at 4.4 million-years old the oldest 
human, showed that even then, while we 
scrambled through the trees using all four 
limbs, monogamy and cooperative child rear- 
ing had replaced the chimpanzee method of 
a dominant male spreading his sperm as 
widely as possible. 


ArdipittiEcus males had smaller canines, 
smaller testicles and smoother penises, in- 
dicating that they didn't need to fight for ac- 
cess to females. Females didn't flaunt the 
swollen vulva that made it clear when they 
were ovulating, making it necessary for her 
mate to stay with her to make sure he im- 
pregnated her. 

In today's world, making enough babies is not 
a problem, and, for a large proportion of the 
world's population, keeping them alive isn't 
as hard as it used to be. Yet that urge to pro- 
create, which we experience as the urge to 
fall in love, is just as strong. When that urge 
is uncoupled from marriage and childrear- 
ing, we run wild with romance, the mate- 
seeking part of the equation. The oxytocin 
released during sex may make us fall in love, 
but without a strong oxytocin response in the 
brain, we can't experience the emotional sat- 
isfaction that lets us stay together. 

"Romantic Iove, in the fullsEnsE of the term, 
is an Emotion possibls only to the man (or 
woman) ofonbrEactiEd sslf-EstEEm: it is his 
rssponsE to his own highsst valoss in the 
psrson ofanothar - an integrated response 
of mind and body, of Iove and saxoal desire. 
Soch a man (or woman) is i neap a bis of ex- 
pEriEncing a saxoal dssirs divorced from 
spiritoal valoss. " 
Ayn Rand, Of Living Death 

The jones for sex remains as strong as it was 
when we swung from trees. And mate seek- 
ing has become so highly evolved that we 
have completely lost touch with any biologi- 
cal reality. Maybe that's a good thing. After 
all, it's the hallmark of humans to transcend 
biology. Thus we have the altruist who sacri- 
fices himself for the greater good, the 
woman who loves an adopted child as much 
as a biological one, the Buddhist nun who 
renounces sex and love and all that to con- 
tinually pray for world peace. But we also 
have the pickup artist, who's gamed the 
mate-seeking mechanisms in order to entice 

females into accepting his seed without any 
prospect of reciprocating contribution, as 
well as his female counterpart, the dinner 
whore - who, despite the moniker, does not 
trade sex for sustenance. 

"And if I havE prophEtic powers, and onder- 
stand all mystsriss and all knowlsdgE, and if 
I have all faith, so as to ramova moontains, 
hot have not lova, I am nothing. " 
1 Corinthians 13:2, the Bible 

Some people find this stuff deeply scary. If 
human emotion can be reduced to a combo of 
chemicals, what's the point? 

C.S. Lewis wrote an entire tome, The Poor 
Loves, for which he is much beloved. The book 
slices human regard into four flavors: Storge 

Some people 

find this stuff 

deeply scary. If 

human emotion 

can be reduced 

to a combo of 


what's the 


is familial love; philia is the love between 
friends; Eros is the passionate love for a 
mate; and agape is charity, that is, love for 
your fellow man without necessarily having 
a relationship. Lewis, a Christian, goes on at 
length about each of these, giving examples 
and heart-warming descriptions. In fact, 
most people, when pressed, would say that 
it's love in all these forms that makes life 
worth living. 

The philosophy of ontological reduction would 
note that storge, philia and agape are all the 
result of oxytocin affecting the social cen- 
ters of the brain, while eros, or mate-seek- 
ing, is more closely related to food-seeking. 
In other words, it's all physical. Moreover, 
that reductionist would add that they can all 
be traced to adaptation - behaviors that 
make it more likely that the organism will 

Well, you ask, if it's all physical, then why 
should I admire that Buddhist nun or crave a 
soul-mate? If I'm simply the sum of my chem- 
ical reactions, what's the point of trying to 
be better? 

Dne of the great insights of post-modernism 
was that there is no one correct point of 
view, no universal meaning, no real truth. 
So, looking at the chemical basis of love may 
be a valuable framework for understanding 
emotion. Dr not. There are plenty of other 
frameworks you can use, from rational self- 
interest to romanticism. Pick your poison. 

"If falsa torns oot to bs troE 
Yoo know that I will find yoo 
BEcaosE oor Iove is destiny 
Baby, baby" 
Jonas Brothers, Infatuation 

Is biology destiny? What if you don't want to 
play out a 4.4-million-year-old script? Be 
cool. Even among the simplest of mammals, 
there's wide variation in mating behaviors. 
For example, among the prairie voles, the ro- 

dents that first revealed oxytocin's influence 
on monogamy, as much as 4D percent of 
males never form a pair bond. Instead, they 
wander around and copulate with females 
when their mates are off gathering seeds. 
This seems to be nature's way of hedging her 
bet on monogamy as the best way to ensure 
survival of the species. 

If you have no desire to settle down and pro- 
create, or even to go steady, just give a 
salute to the prairie vole philanderers and 
move on. Dn the other hand, if you're one of 
us poor saps who craves love and connec- 
tion, you can give a shout-out to the major- 
ity of prairie voles, which spend most of their 
waking hours pressed up against each other 
as close as they can get. 

Lucky prairie voles. We can assume that if 
they're inclined to mate, they'll find a mate. 
Whereas the human journey to love can have 
more pitfalls than an olive cannery. Can you 
change your love life by tweaking your brain 
chemistry? We say yes. 

Biology is only part of our destiny. Dr rather, 
the neurochemistry of love is only one part of 
our chemical arsenal. Dur wills may be highly 
influenced by brain chemistry but they also 
can influence it. So mix your own chemical 

cocktail. If you don't like the kind of love 
you're getting, use that free will to change 
things up inside and out. 

Man has been hacking Mother Nature and her 
neurochemical programming since the first 
Neanderthal got high on fermented berries. 
It's not hard at all to get an oxytocin buzz. 
MDMA, aka ecstasy, releases oxytocin into 
the brain. When club kids feel the love, it's 
real love. Shrinks are experimenting with 
using MDMA to help people with PTSD to con- 
nect with the world again, and they're using 
pure oxytocin inhalants to help people with 
autism and social anxiety disorder to do the 
same. In fact, you can buy oxytocin inhalants 
on the internet, although it's doubtful 
whether they contain enough stable oxytocin 
to do anything. 

Dosing yourself is probably not the best idea, 
at least not for the long term. Ecstasy 
burnout is an accepted phenomenon in the 

Oxytocin, the chemical 

that keeps us from 

running in terror 

from our fellow 

human beings 

rave community, and it seems to be the re- 
sult of receptors in the brain becoming less 
sensitive. Long-term administration of hor- 
mones in general tends reduce the body's 
natural production, and doctors warn that 
oxytocin dosing could, over time, actually de- 
crease our own supply. 

If you've got more patience, there are plenty 
of physiological hacks that can train your 
brain to produce oxytocin in positive cir- 
cumstances. If people are scary, try getting 
to know a dog. Taking care of a sick spouse 
has been shown to increase oxytocin levels, 
so volunteering with an org that helps oth- 
ers should work. Singing in a choir or chant- 
ing with other people lets you get in synch 
without getting too personal. If these activi- 
ties seem unbearably corny, you probably do 
need more oxytocin in your life, so just get 
over it. In fact, corny is practically an alter- 
nate definition for the oxytocin experience. 

Due fascinating and non-corny option is One- 
Taste (, an organization 
that combines Buddhist mindfulness with 
tantra in what they call orgasmic meditation, 
or DMing. The orgasm from DMing seems to 
be more oxytocin-based, as opposed to the 
dopamine based, tension/release orgasm 
from intercourse. 

You may have noticed a theme here: These 
are all things you have to do. Reading books 
or trying to figure out why you're lousy at 
love won't work, just like thinking about get- 
ting strong won't get you there. 

Another corny aphorism: "Love is a verb." 
Well, it's true. Now, get out there and touch 

Drat least some thing. 

Susan Kuchinskas is the author of The Chem- 
istry of Connection: Haw the oxytocin re- 
sponse can help you find trust, intimacy and 

She doesn't think this stuff is scary or 

text AHA 




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» "* ^M^_ — ^ ^M ^^Pm^H 

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If Tim Ferriss is Dur personal Jesus and SchwarzEneggEr Dur Father in Heaven, 
then Sean Kennedy (The Fucking Man) surely ranks as Dne of the greater saints. 

I remember stumbling across his TV sIidw Patrolling in 2DD7 and being blown 
away by his clarity and unique syncretistic mix of survivalism, self-imprDvement, 
hacker ethos and cyberpunk fingErspitzEngefuhl. 

Dne of my strict traditions since then has been to tune in to his weekly news pro- 
gram, aptly named Newsreal, giving us the news we need to survive in the cyber- 
punk world of today. He's also written several books, run a successful cult, and 
directed a short movie. 

His long-term plans include building a paramilitary compound on some deserted 
island, starting up a gladiator school for furries, being the first archaeologist on 
Mars, and becoming a famous dinosaur hunter. 

Here's a recent interview I did with him and his trusty side-kick James 
"Cimmerian" O'Brien. 

First off is Sean. 

Give us a brief summary of yourself 
and your activities with Rantmedia 
ever the years. 

Well, in 1999 I picked up a microphone and 

started broadcasting comedy, just for laughs 

really. Really crass stuff back then, nothing 

like the stuff you find now though, I mean it's 

WAY more extreme than the stuff we talked 

about, most of the details you can find on 

Wikipedia as to the "accomplishments" and 


Rantmedia is a bit ever ID years new. 
How did you get started with it? 

When Shoutcast came out, James started to 

broadcast. I was funny to talk to so he roped 

me into it. That's it really. 

Hdw has the cere values and mission 
statements evolved ever the years? 

We are still true to what we told Wired mag- 
azine. We are about taking over the world 
with giant robots and genetically engineered 
two headed cats. Seriously, the "core values 

and mission statements" are about staying 
alive, free, and not being a slave to someone 
who has a choke hold on your media. Each 
of us value different things, but wogs have an 
understanding of cool, being function over 
form, but this creates its own industrial/ 
tactical form depending on the nature of its 

Hdw have you grown as a person 
during the last ID years? 

I have grown in every conceivable way. There 

is no metric that can be applied to this. 

How did you come up with Newsreal 
and Patrolling? 

I made it up. I see ideas in my head, they look 

doable, so I do them, consequences be 


What is a Wog? 

How did you come up with the concept? 

Driginally it was an anti-Scientology thing. 

I have been screaming about that cult since 

the turn of the century. Back then no one 

knew them, so I did it to educate people about 






them sd at least none of the Rant people 
would be sucked in. It's like calling sameQne 
an infidel. After that, it tank du a life nf its 
own. Ydu could call it "Kaizen" (improvement) 
with a cyberpunk twist. 

What is your long-term agenda far 
the Wags? Haw will yau mobilize them? 

That would be telling. Honestly though, no one 
mobilizes or leads Wogs; they lead and mobi- 
lize themselves. 

What things in the world 
excite you these days? 

Technology is pretty hot, and space travel is 

also hot, but they are kind of the same thing. 

Also, robotics is pretty dead sexy as well, but 

again that's technology. What can I say, I'm 

big on tech. 

What things in the world 
scare you these days? 

The only thing that scares me is being help- 
less, unable to affect my environment. Prob- 
ably part of the reason that I do Newsreal 
has something to do with that. Being a horror 

\ -it A 











- i.1 • 


writer, I'm cool with wicked clowns and 
creaky houses for the most part. 

When can we expect Patrolling Season 3? 
What is the general theme of the season? 

Nobody EXPECTS Patrolling. Dur main 
weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless effi- 
ciency... and a fanatical devotion to Server. 

Tell us about the book you are writing. 

It's a big Afternow novel that's set in and 
around Las Vegas, sometime within the next 
75 years. 

With Patrolling now airing on 
certain satellite stations, do you 
have anything you would want to 

say to all the new viewers and Wogs 
who are just discovering Rant? 

Not really, no. I mean, I'm happy that they are 

there and all, but Patrolling is what it is. It's 

the same for a million people or just one. 

I will say I am surprised so many people like 

it, I only thought a few North-Americans 

would like it. I mean... it's very humbling. 

How do you keep yourself psyched up 
to work on Rant projects? Do you 
ever get bored? 

Well, Rant projects are my projects. If I'm not 

psyched, I don't do them. I've always wanted 

to be a writer, and luckily I have created a 

world that people like. 

\oanadtan cyf&rpunK 


"Dur main weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless 
efficiency... and a fanatical devotion to 

Ydu are always telling people to "cert up". 
What fields should one check out? 

I would say any field that holds your interest 

where you can get paid to dD them. It's hard 

to do work you're not interested in; but it's a 

really good idea to get SDme kind of a trade 

that is in demand. Generally I like tech 

trades; because it's better to work with your 

head than your hands. 

What can people do to level up in 
the areas of personal development, 
productivity, time management, 
people skills, etc? 

READ. No lie, almost all of the answers to 
life's questions can be found in the library. 

Why do Wogs in the world seem to be 
clustered around Canada and Sweden? 

I don't think this is true. I get mail from all 
over the world. But that said, countries have 
to be online and fairly free, as well as Eng- 
lish speaking; so that narrows it down alot. 

What are some tips you have for 
aspiring writers? How does one 
get good at writing? 

You read alot, and write alot. And you write a 

chunk of words a day. I try to write 2K a day, 

5 days a week. Learn to play pen and paper 

role playing games for story and character 

development. Stephen King probably wrote 

the best book on writing called On Writing. 

It's the only book of his I like. 

Tell us about Cybudic Philosophy. 
What is it? 

(Sigh) Cybudic Philosophy is incomplete. 

It was an idea I was rolling around inside my 

head and I almost published some really bad 


ideas, but luckily a friend stopped me from 
going in the wrong direction and it remains 
an incomplete work. What it is, is an intro- 
duction to a problem i haven't figured out the 
solution for... yet. 

What are your thoughts on Tim Ferriss? 

Don't know the man. Haven't read his stuff. 

Tell us about Rantmedia's marketing 
strategies in general, and social media 
and Internet marketing in particular. 

There is no strategy, we tell the truth, we 

believe in free open information, and that 

thought crimes do not exist. 

What is your stance on guns? 

I like guns. All you have to do in history is look 
back and you will find it easy to find the 
slaves from the free people. The slaves don't 
own weapons. 

And new, ever to Cimm. 

Give us a brief summary of yourself and 
your activities with Rantmedia over the 

My name is James D'Brien (aka Cimmerian) 
and I am the founder and owner of Rant- 
Media. I wear many hats when working on the 
projects in RantMedia including cinematog- 
rapher, director, producer, editor, station 
manager, webmaster and even talk show 

Rantmedia is a bit over ID years now. 
How did you get started with it? 
How has the core values and mission 

statements evolved over the years? 

When RantMedia was started over ten years 
ago it was more of an experiment in pirate 
radio broadcasting. I had always wanted to 
have a radio station growing up. Before I was 
a teenager I used to perform fake talk shows 
with my sister recording them onto cas- 
settes. I also used to slowly scan the AM and 
FM radio dials at night for distant and weird 
sounding stations. The radio station idea 
was renewed in my head when I watched the 
movie Pump Up The VolumE for the first time. 
That idea was unfortunately extinguished 
after finding out how much money it took to 
set up even the smallest low powered sta- 
tion. But, at the end of 1998, Nullsoft released 
Shoutcast and shortly after I had the first 
RantMedia radio station up and running. Dver 
ten years later, the station is running and I'm 
still doing talk shows every week. 

I feel that the core values of Rant haven't 
changed over the years. We still provide a 
platform for new ideas and opportunities for 
artists to show their talents. If anything 
we've grown this idea by expanding out from 
radio into TV, films, books, and magazines as 

How have you grown as a person 
during the last ID years? 

I'm sure I've grown in some ways but it's 
hard to compare myself to ten years ago 
since any changes would have been so grad- 
ual over that time. I'd like to think of myself 
as more thought out in my writing and 
speech, which is something that just comes 
naturally through repetition and being in the 
public eye. 

Where do you see yourself 
and Rantmedia in ID years? 
I see myself being creative with RantMedia in 

ten years. I'm always aiming for something 
that seems out of reach but can easily be 
achieved through methodical breakdown of 
large obstacles into smaller ones. 

Name 5 persons you would like to hang 
nut with and became friends with. 

It's hard to pick specific people but I always 
seem drawn to energetic creative people. 

What things in the world 
excite you these days? 

Technology always excites me, things like 

small advancements in user interface or the 

mix of two seemingly unrelated ideas to com- 
bine into something new and revolutionary. 

What things in the world 
scare you these days? 

Dur continuing loss of control over our cul- 
ture, freedom and privacy by corporate in- 

Name your biggest influences. 

Bill Watterson and Jello Biafra. They are two 
examples of people who never compromised 
their artistic integrity for the sole sake of 
monetary advancement. 

What would you do if you had a billion dollars? 

I'd be doing the exact same thing, only more 
of it and better funded. 

Tell us about Porn on Beta. 

Porn on Beta is a electronic musical project 
in which I sing vocals. We've released two 
albums and are working on a third. It has 
taken a back seat lately to other projects but 
I've always been musical and can't seem to 
shake the habit. Just like all the RantMedia 
projects, Porn on Beta's music is released 
under a Creative Commons license. 

Do you view Rant projects as a business 
venture, or more of a hobby? 
Where would you draw the line 
between the two? 

Rant started as a hobby ten years ago as 

something that friends would get together 

and do for fun. Now that we've been doing 

this for a while, achieving loftier goals with 

"We ore about taking over the world 

will glut robots and genetically eigineerei two headed tats" 

more Elaborate projects sometimes needs 
money so it has turned into more of a busi- 
ness in order to support that. 

Luckily the projects that we choose are 
our own so it's never a dull moment and 
doesn't seem like a chore to work on the 
things we do. 

With Patrolling now airing an certain 
satellite stations, do you have anything 
you would want to say to all the new 
viewers and Wogs who are just discov- 
ering Rant? 
Dur projects usually speak for themselves 
and what they say for themselves is usu- 
ally pretty crazy but entertaining. 

What is your goal in life, 
your master plan? 

My goal in life to do more of the same, 

except bigger and better! 

How do you keep yourself psyched up 
to work on Rant projects? 
Do you ever get bored? 

It's never really a boring time working on 
Rant projects. There's usually half a dozen 
projects on the go at the same time so we 
can always dedicate a little more time to 
another project if one becomes over- 
whelming. We always try to challenge our- 
selves with our projects so not only can we 
keep the quality up but so we can keep our- 
selves on our toes. 

Why do Wogs in the world seem to be 
clustered around Canada and Sweden? 

Well, it might appear that way, but the 
majority of our fans are distributed quite 
evenly by percentage of population of Eng- 

lish speaking citizens by country. The ma- 
jority of our fans come from the USA but 
I can only venture a guess that Canadian 

and Swedish fans stick out more because 
they might appear more vocal? 

text AHA 

This is the first of a series of Intel reports that we are going to be doing. We want to dis- 
seminate information on current topics that may not have had much exposure in the An- 
glosphere. Dbscure enough to be fresh, yet relevant enough to be interesting. If you have 
any ideas, send them in to 

For the first installment, we decided to dig where we stand, and penetrate the Scandinavian 
survivalist underground. If a movie were made about Scandinavian survivalists, I'm sure it 
would feature two-headed mutant moose, a colony of flesh-eating bikini team bikers, and it 
would probably be called Mad Axe: Beyond Ikeadome or I Am Lagom* or something like that. 

In order to do research we had to reach out to a bunch of crazy misfits and weirdos and reg- 
ister on obscure Internet boards. Strangely enough, we already seemed to have high post 
counts on these fringe boards and be on a first-name basis with these underground crazies... 

* A concept that seems to permeate Swedish culture, meaning "not too much, not too little, just the right 
amount". Dften mocked by those opposed to the ten "Jante laws" which, among other things, state "Don't think 
you are special". These two concepts represent the worst sides of Scandinavian society to many people. 

In what way are you involved 
in survivalism or related areas, 
whether directly or indirectly? 

I have volunteered for the homeguard wich means I will 
help society if a natural disaster should occur. Sweden 
is quite politically and socially stable so a natural dis- 
aster is more likely to happen. A natural disaster that 
is not taken care of in time, however, can easily make 
people desperate. I hope I can be a part of stopping the 
riots BEFORE they happen. 

I am also politicaly active within the parlamentary sys- 
tem doing my best to stabilize the social order. I am not 

an apocalypse romantic hoping for society to collapse, 

I'd rather keep things the way they are and sit in my 

warm cozy apartment with food only a short bike ride 



It's a hobby, and a lifestyle. I hang out at a couple of re- 
lated Internet forums, mainly Swedish Survivalist (for 
obvious reasons) and Zombie Squad (for the humor, 
good info, and great forum moderators that leads to 
the best info source I've encountered). Survivalism 
tends to ease the day-to-day problems everyone has, 
so it's a practical hobby to have. I probably go camping 


with my family a bit more than I would if it weren't for 


It's part of my lifestyle, my interests gD nicely to- 
gether, and ultimately form the concept "Survivalism" 
tn me. Self-reliance, Weaponry, Martial arts and their 

ilk all fit into the big picture. 

I am writing a blog in Danish (rettentilselv- 
fDrsvar.WDrdpress.CDm) where I am mainly dis- 
cussing the issues of self defense and the right to 
Dwn and bear arms. Due tn media and scIiddI mis- 
information as well as laws that keep almost all 
people from getting any firearm experience, far 
most Danes believe that our laws are fair and 
effective against crime. This overwhelming con- 
sensus makes it a hard subject to debate, not so muc 
through the blog, as most commenting readers tend 
to agree with my position, but in real life you need 
very good arguments, which forces me to study the 
subject a lot. The blog also functions as a mean to let 
off steam when really stupid people (i.e. politicians 
and NGDs) do or say really stupid things. 

Some projects you are working an, 
resources you want tn have, 
skills you want tn learn. 

Enclave leadership abilities. 

Hunter's exam S pilot's license. Bunker with food pro- 
duction. I want to learn to clean chimneys. 

Currently building an EDC. I want to 
live outside of the cities on a somewhat self-support- 
ing farm. Not crazy self-supporting, which is kind of 
useless (much work, small profit) but so you are less 
vulnerable to external forces than living in a city. 

I have built a windmill for making 12 volts. Also some 
minor projects like a home made battery bank with 
converter to most used formats. Beer brewing is also 
something that I have been learning to do lately 
(brewing is perhaps not a skill required for survival 
but oh my god it helps). When it comes to things I can't 
do at the present, cooking soap and making a petrol 
engine work with wood gas are projects I want to try. 

I would like to do some more first aid training. I have I want to make a better BDB, so that's a work in 

no current projects, though I do keep an eye out for progress. I am also, for some time, working on getting a 

interesting and useful books, tools etc when shopping, firearms license, wich isn't all that easy in this country. 


One can always have more... of Everything. But I would 
like a bigger network of worthy individuals. 


I read a number of books and blags Dn various sub- 
jects related tn survivalism and would say that I have 
a well-rDunded knowledge of the field. I am quite 
acquainted with firearms, which is a rare thing in 
Denmark as it is illegal for pretty much everyone be- 
sides the army and the police to handle any weapons. 

What are some good ways 
to survive and thrive in 

Live on a farm for one, have a source of meat and 

eggs, and a green house. That is what I would call a 

good way to survive and thrive when thinking about 

survivalism. Today I do not understand why people 

depend on processed foods and goods entirely. I do 

understand it up to a certain point but there are many 

ways to use what the nature gives you, and there are 

so many ways to make much better use of what you 

already have right there in your hands. You just have 

to realize what you have and what you can do with it. 

According to me the best way is to move in a small vil- 
lage in south Sweden far from the nearest large city 
and make yourself helpful. The countryside is quite 
gun-dense, has fewer socially unstable elements and 
farming means food even if SHTF. Good place to have 
friends when SHTF. If you aren't a Christian you might 
have a problem with some parts of rural south Swe- 
den however;) 

Many areas of Scandinavia are sparsely populated, 
if you are willing to live in the northern parts, then 
land and farms are relatively cheap. And you can use 
the long summer days to get large crops. But you 
need plenty of firewood to keep warm in the winter. 
In the south the price on small farms is going up, 
since Europeans to the south are starting to move 
north. There are plenty of Danish and Germans that 
buy summer houses or small farms, to retire on, driv- 
ing the prices up. 

Become self-sufficient and economically independent. 

Pros: Low population density. Few serious natural dis- 
asters (like earthquakes, drought, tornadoes, etc.). 
Cons: Cold weather. Short gardening season. Nanny 
state mentality among people. 

Getting some sort of retreat out in the Countryside, 
where you can hone your skills, accumulate re- 
sources, test your gear in peace, and of course re- 
treat to if the need arises. 

How does the weather 
affect things in Scandinavia? 

Limits the options of growing your own food in the 

garden to a few months a year and limited number of 

plants that like the climate. Also heating in the winter 

in r, iii in ' 

requires lots of energy. Dn the flip side, yDU can have 
very gnnd rnDt cellars for long term fond storage. 

Well here in Iceland it does affect many things. The 
weather is very unreliable, nD matter what season it 
is. Ydu can have a CDuple of nights in mid summer 
where everything freezes, sd for instance if yDU are 
growing potatoes you might lose the potato grass 
which means that the potatoes won't grow any fur- 

The daylight is very difficult to handle as well, since 
from spring till late summer you have 24 hours of 
sunlight most days, except 
the cloudy ones of course. 
When the fall comes around 
the days grow shorter every 
day really, until in December 
you might have 4 hours of 

Currently the weather is no large threat. There are 
some storms, but very seldom really severe. The cli- 
mate change seems to favour Scandinavia. Longer 
growing seasons and not as cold winters. The north- 
ern bare mountains are slowly getting forested with 
birch. In the south, oak and beech trees are sponta- 
neously starting to grow in woods that previously only 

had spruce, pine and birch. 
skogsronde, Sweden 

They get wet when it rains... They get dry when the 
sun shines on them. 

Mast people probably You could count on rain, snow, cold, or a nasty 

(hopefully) do not combination of those factors during about 8 

think we're going months of the year. Dn the other hand, fresh 

to be fighting zombies water is plentiful all year. 

in our lifetime. scoremax, Sweden 

daylight. So as you can see 

it can be difficult to grow anything in that condition, ^ h M ai are M $ome j $$ V e$ B faclng 
■ • i I a l ■ l Li j n . independent-minded 

let alane when there is hers frost and snow. But you $ candillcIwicin$ right now? 

can ydu need tn have a goad greenhause with unlim- Scandinavian CQUntriES havE trad j ti[]na || y baan SDma 

ited access tn hat geathermal water and greenhnuse rf ^ mQst frEE ^^ when jt CQmES tQ ^ prESS 

lamps. But that is far aut af reach far a persan like gn(j spEEch H[]WEVEr nQW jt SEEms pEQp | E hgvE ^ 

m ^' gotten why free speech is important and are willing 

During summer snme types nf vegetables and fruits tQ se|| jt Qut ^ ^^ ggjns Qr DECausE rf pQp . 

depend nn the rain af caurse. That can be a prablem. ^ faar . mDngaring 

For instance this summer, we had a few nights of 

frost, and then nearly no rain. Because of that the 

crops for the farmers were less than everyone hoped 

for, which can cause much damage. In general I would 

say that it is difficult to depend on the weather and 

seasons, so if anyone is growing anything they have 

to realise that things can easily go bad. 


It means your BDB will be quite heavy in the winter 
and that having non-electric heating as back-up is es- 
sential. It doesn't change much dramatically, just adds 

even more hardship to SHTF-situations. 


FRA, EU-surveillance directive, censorship-issues and 
gag-orders in UK, Sweden... really EU-wide. 


Not going crazy on all the tv-watching simple minded 
consumers around us. 

We live in a very calm part of the world and I think 
most survivalists sleep very good at the time. The last 
big one was the impending pig flu that didn't kill more 


people than normal flu. Therefore 
at least to me EMP from the sun is 
perhaps the biggest fear that I 
would prepare for. 

More complications regarding re- 
sources at least here in Iceland. 
Less access if things continue to 
develop in this direction. While this 
economic crisis is hanging over 
Iceland (since I'm not 100% aware 
of the actual situation in other 
countries here in the north even 
though I do read quite a bit) the 
problem is that everything costs 
so much. Even though only individ- 
ual things have raised just a bit, 
people seem to forget that every- 
thing has raised but wages (for 
those who actually have wages or 
can collect full benefits) are still 
standing at the same level. So the 
ability to purchase is decreasing 
fast. So basically the main prob- 
lem in my eyes (since I'm not in 
contact with anyone in the same 
place in life as I am) is that I am 
fairly new to this certain lifestyle, 
and it is more than stressful to try 
to make things work with seriously 
limited funds. 


Surveillance. The government has 
passed several laws making it eas- 
ier for authorities to eavesdrop on 
your phonecalls or read your mail. 
I think this is the start of a trend. 

Sadly few of my fellow liberals future difficult for everyone, 

dared vote against the govern- CBEIDIKI, FINLAND 
ment line in these matters even 

if they knew the decisions to be Gun laws and other stupid legisla- 

wrnng. tions, lots of red tape... 


I don't see any large issues. Al- 
ways some minor gripes, but noth- 
ing serious. Scandinavia is a 
prosperous and peaceful part of 

the world. 

Unemployment is hitting the coun- 
try hard making planning for the 

The socialist nanny-state mindset 
that the government will be able 
and willing to help us in any situa- 
tion. This leads to under-prepared- 
ness. Scandinavians tend to expect 
help within days, even when trav- 
eling to the other end of the world... 
and so they expect government 
help in a couple of hours at home. 


What problems do 
you foresee in 
Scandinavia in 
the years ahead? 

The financial crisis will make 
everyone's lives a bit more miser- 
able for years to CDme. And if the 
90's recession is any indicator 
there's going to be a slight rise in 
crime and a lot of people will be in 
serious debt for decades. 

From a survivalist viewpoint I'm 
mostly worried about the in- 
creasing vulnerability in society. 
We are depending on very long 
supply chains and working infra- 
structure. Building in redundancy 
is expensive so when companies 
are in control of the infrastruc- 
ture they have very little motiva- 
tion to prepare for disasters that 
might never come. That all means 
that our lives could be disrupted 
A power outage will pretty much on the streets but also in the by a small catastrophe to an ex- 
disable many city-dwellers, and longer run, as Islam is gaining po- tent most people don't even re- 
they're not interested in solving litical power. Some Muslims just alise. We might have the nuclear 
the problems themselves: they sit wish to live in peace but too many fallout shelters for the worst case 
around moaning and waiting for are working very hard on under- scenario, but how about a solar 
assistance. This is not good com- mining our liberties. storm knocking down the electri- 

pany for "independent-minded" The second danger to our way of cal grid? Sure it wouldn't kill us 
people... life is the political system which and we would survive, but ironi- 

MJCRETIUS, SWEDEN j s getting more and more author- cally we would be far worse pre- 

itarian and interfering with issues pared for that than we are for 













In my opinion the two more seri- 

that used to be private matters. 


ous issues for the Scandinavians 

Further integration into the EU is 



Immigration from Muslim nations. 

not making this development any 

Years ahead? 50 years from now 

Islam is becoming a serious issue, 


there will be no Scandinavia. 

both in terms of every day safety 





Competition from China, India and 
Dther high population developing 
countries where the population 
works hard to improve, while our 
day-care-societies bitch about 
working B hours a day and lots of 
other cute stuff. 

Norway lives off the oil but in the 
end this will stop. What will we do 
then? Also with the climate change 
what will happen with for instance 
the Dcean streams that keep Nor- 
way's coast much hotter than for 
instance Canada? 

I'm not ready to answer this ques- 
tion in full honesty. I am 



not even sure where Iceland is 
heading, what will happen, and I'm 
even less sure what could happen. 
I'm very confused about everything 
and my main focus is on getting my- 
self and the people around me out 
of this somehow, or at least get 



We will probably see growing instabil- 
ity because of the declining economy 
and at the same time immigration 
from third-world countries is getting 
out of hand. I believe we will see riots 
in all of the nordic countries in ID 
years, Sweden already has those in 
Malmti and Gtiteborg. 


Civil unrest. Not a civil war but in- 
creased crime rates as poverty in- 
creases and rioting in the streets 
around the time of the election, es- 
pecially if the Swedish Democrats 
(quasi-nationalist conservatives) 

make it into parliament. 

Even though Scandinavia currently 
seems to be a winner, regarding the 
climate change, that may change. 
New species will migrate from the 
south and may cause problems and 
become pests. 

Scandinavia is heavily integrated 
in the global economies, so anything 
bad globally will have severe effects 
for the economies in Scandinavia as 

If the cost of transportation and 
fossil fuel should suddenly rise, it 
would have severe effects on many 
parts of the Scandinavian eco- 
nomies, like most others. 

The large public sectors re- 
garding health, education and 
care for the older, depends on a 
high level of taxation. If that tax 
basis should erode, then the 
Scandinavian societies would 
have to face big changes. That 
tax basis is, like most western 
economies, heavily dependent 
on cheap fossil fuel. 

I suspect that Scandinavia 
is a very good place to live, if 

youareasurvivalist, or not. 



' il I 

Heavy reliance Dn fossile fuels for transportation and 
heating, aging infrastructure, aging population, low 
rates of self sufficiency in basic food crops. We are 
well prepared for short shocks, but poorly for ex- 
tended crisis. 


More restrictions and surveillance in all corners of 
the day to day life. 
Less personal freedom. 


I do not know. But I prepare for the Zombies.... :P 

Seriously, I'm troubled by the lack of military de- 
fence. My country currently can't deploy one (I!) 
fighter plane over the capital. And the sun is appar- 
ently cooler than usual right now, and a serious tem- 
porary cooling of the planet would hit us hard, esp. 

regarding food production. 

To the major part of the population, the increased 
eavesdropping by authories,and possible continuous 
infringement of individual rights. To single individuals, 
a possible increase in violence/violent-acts against 
them, (such as robberies). 

I see an increasing totalitarian development combined 
with an increase in Islamic influences. This will either 
break the little spirit we have left or it will force peo- 
ple to take matters into their own hands. 

What does survivalism 
mean to you? 

It's mostly an attitude. To admit the possibility of un- 
expected difficulties and prepare to survive even if 
something fails. 


To think about what problems and opportunities the 
future will most likely bring, that are out of my control, 
and the reasonable steps I take today to mitigate or 
exploit coming events. 


Knowing how. This acually counts it up for me. By hav- 
ing the know how and information needed by a man or 
woman to be ready for anything. I don't think there will 
be a World War 2. 1 don't 

think North Korea will | believe WE 

bomb us. But knowing w j|| SEE r j Qts j n 
how to survive gives me a || nf the nordic 
a higher chance if cnuntriES 

something happened. j n |[] y Ears 

The media makes sur- 

vivalist sound like doomsday fanatics - this is for me 
not true. I think that in my lifetime there is a chance 
that I will need my skills in local happenings, for in- 
stance short-time powerloss (1-3 days), flooding or 
perhaps snow blizzards. But that the world will end 
and everyone will have to fend for themselves - not so 

I prefer not to call it survivalism, more like a way of 
life we country people are born with out of necessity. 


Living a life fit for a human. It means not just surviv- 
ing but staying sane, finding and sticking to your moral 
values, expressing your inner self in creative ways 
and helping others as you go along. Survivalism is sur- 
viving as man, not as an animal. 

Survivalism is about being prepared to handle crises, 
on our own or together with your neighbours and 
friends. What differs is what type of crises you pre- 
pare for. Some prepare for a short power outage, 

Dthers for long term unemployment and economic 


Adapting to changing situations. 


To be prepared for both large and small problems 
that can affect me. 

An independent mindset. Disaster preparedness, 
that also helps you deal with the every-day micro- 
disasters that happen to us all. Some fun times in 
the woods. 

To be able to get the upper hand in those rare 
occasions when things go bad... through prepara- 

The basic of survivalism is the will to protect your- 
self and one's family from danger, and the will to 
realize that it is in your hands, not the govern- 

Does Scandinavian survivalism 
differ from American 

I don't know if we have much of a survivalist cul- 
ture here. But in many ways we are far more pre- 
pared for catastrophe on day-to-day basis here. 
The goverment mandates bomb shelters in large 
buildings, there's nuclear shelters for 80% of the 
Finnish population. Since military service is 
mandatory in Finland almost all males over 18 have 
survival and combat training etc. Also the older 

generations still remember war (WWII that is) and 
the poverty that followed, so they tend to stock up 
and keep a lot of resources for the "rainy day". 

Same thing. Scandinavian survivalists don't know 

it yet... :) 


I don't know much about American survivalists 

really. They are probably more gun and bunker 

crazy, but that is just my prejudice. 

Well, I think that american survivalist are more into 
guns than us. We have a lot of 
guns in Norway also but we 
don't have a lot of handguns 
and it is mostly farmers and 
hunters that use them. Nor- 
mal people in the cities don't 
have guns. Also, I think perhaps the Americans 
have more fear than us after the 9.11. Terrorism 
is not a subject that concerns us very much be- 
cause it happened so far from here. Therefore we 
don't think terrorists will do anything in Norway. 
When it comes to Norway we have smaller cities 
and not many people, so we are more like Canadi- 
ans then Americans I think. 

In many ways, yes. Most people probably (hope- 
fully) do not think we're going to be fighting zom- 
bies in our lifetime. 


Yes, I think it does. At least Swedes seem more 
concerned with natural disasters and coping with 

5D years from 
now there will be 
no Scandinavia. 

' 1 1 


bad weather and less with man made disasters as com- 
pared to Americans. 

I don't really know that much about American survival- 
ism, but you can't avoid noticing the fixation on guns. 
But we have our gun-fixated people here as well but not 

to that degree, I think. 

We don't focus as much on guns. 

What is the most common 
mistake survivalists make? 

Many seem to be preparing for war, not for survival. 
There's a far too big an emphasis on weapons and self- 
defence. Well, at least from a Scandinavian viewpoint. 


Probably to prepare for "sexy" threats first. Eating and 
training right, saying no to alcohol and tobacco and get- 
ting a fire-alarm is problably better for your survival 

than getting a gun and a BOB, but not nearly as fun. 

They prepare for some specific event and when that 

does not happen (Y2K) they stop caring. 

I think there are a lot of people who are mostly occupied 
with the reading and spend too few resources on the 
physical preparations, myself included. 

Another problem is that there are a number of 
eccentrics who make survivalists as a group look like 
crazy conspiracy theorists. Better PR through rational 
argumentation could make it a lot easier to engage peo- 
ple in conversations on the subject of survalism. 

Anything else you wish to say? 

Buy your headstone now and put it above your bed. This 
will help you focus on what really matters in your life. 

Stay safe, stay sane! 

Hm. PrEparing means having resources and skill before 

disaster strikes. Not having a vague notion of what you 

would start to do after. 

I have noticed that more people are starting to see the 
unrest that lies ahead. Even here in Denmark I meet 
more people who know that something is very wrong. 
Very few realize how serious the situation really is but 
just a few years ago 

Buy your headstone 

now and put it above 

your bed. This will 

help you focus on 

what really matters 

in your life. 

the usual reaction to 
my views on this sub- 
ject was laughter, 
today people usually 
are much more seri- 
ous when the topic is 

brought forward. 

This is also a tendency I see in other places of Europe 
and especially in the US, and it is good to see that peo- 
ple are waking up, albeit very slowly. 


Surviving Iceland: www.newsfrettir.CDm/alive 

Swedish Survivalist: 


Att leva efter 2012: 

Zombie Squad: 

Retten til selvforsvar: 

for furii profit and 

This article is about something that is always close to heart for me, the military. 
Everybody is different and there is no way of telling if you're going to like being in 
the military or not. However there are some things all former soldiers I've ever met 
seem to agree upon. It is an intense experience unlike anything you're likely to 
otherwise do in your life and it is not a waste of time no matter what walk of life you 
choose when you decide to leave the military. 

I don't have much in the way of military experience myself. I joined a volunteer pro- 
gram when I was sixteen and did ten months of military service in the Swedish 
marines after finishing senior high. My time in the military was the best and worst 
time in my life and something I am proud of. Today when I think back I mostly re- 
member the good stuff. When I was asked to write this article I was instantly inter- 
ested as I have applied to re-enlist and have been thinking a lot about the subject 
lately. This article is about why to join. That is because "why" is a much more in- 
teresting topic as compared to "why not". 

I'll begin with the most obvious: the military 
is, without the shadow of a doubt, the best 
place for learning combat skills. This is es- 
pecially true for infantry units, such as the 
army and the marines. If you want to learn 
how to fight, and get paid to do it instead of 
paying for it, the military is 
^ the right place to be. A 
•r^t well trained grnup is a lot 
I stronger than eight indi- 
# jR viduals, that's why you will 
,5r learn how to work in a 
\ 1 group, as well as working 
SA together with other 
^%i!is^ groups and spe- 
jSQP^SJ^ cialized teams 
$*^j6r) such as K9- 
X units and 

sniper teams (depending on your function 
within the military of course). 

Even if you aren't interested in learning to 
fight for some weird reason, the military has 
a lot more to offer. Depending on the country, 
and your abilities, you can get paid for learn- 
ing a vast array of skills including: interroga- 
tion, investigation, language and working with 
translations, communication, leadership, ex- 
plosives, driving, doing mechanical repairs and 
also there is a chance to get to play with high- 
tech military equipment. 

A lot of the common skills within the military 
are actually quite exotic outside that environ- 
ment, learning how to handle explosives is but 
one of many examples. Outsiders are often not 
aware of the great variety of jobs the military 
offers so even if you think of the military as 
having nothing to offer you, 
— ~-"\ learning more about what 
\ the military actually does 
might be a good idea. 

Dne skill that stands out amongst those you 
learn in the military is discipline. Some might 
argue that discipline in the military is depen- 
dant of an external source of motivation (the 
drill sergeant screaming at you) but I think 
that you do learn important lessons about 
self discipline in the service. You learn how to 
stay focused when tired or hungry and, at 
least if you're in the infantry, how to push 
through the pain and walk that extra mile, 

But almost no matter what position you 
hold you're likely to develop better know- 
ledge about yourself, your abilities and how 
you act under pressure. At least for me the 
military is a place where you develop as a 
person, both intellectually and otherwise. 

Besides learning exotic skills and learning 
more about yourself, and getting paid while 
doing so, there are also other good reasons 
to join the military. Dne is to be able to help 
your local community. 

country and all that it may still be sensible to 
join the military to be able to help your local 
community in case of natural disaster. A nat- 
ural disaster may put a large strain on soci- 
ety and if not relieved within three days most 
people will become desperate and the risk of 
civil strife increases dramatically. "Riots are 
never more than nine meals away" as the 
saying goes. Helping your local community in 
case of a flood or snowstorm might keep 
matters from getting worse and eventually 
out of hand. 

Dften this is the job of the military as they 
are the only ones with the manpower to get 
enough done fast enough. 



personal development 

Should society collapse, as some readers of 
this article probably believe it might during our 

organization with the best resources to 
withstand the effects of social break- / 

down, maybe not as much in coun- 
tries where the military relies 

rience has been that the people you serve 

with will not necessarily become your best 

friends, they will become some of your 

\ most reliable friends, friends to count 

on for help if you get in a pinch. 

supplies, however (unless they 
start looting, of course). It might 
seem weird to join the military to 
stay alive, but under certain cir- 
cumstances it might be your best bet. 

the common skills 

Within the military are\ This have been but some of the 

actually quite eXOtic many good reasons why to join 

«ii<-^n ^l A <-l^+- A niii ionnm«nf the military, espEcially if ynu hap- 

outside that environment! , , i ++ u 

pen to be a survivahst, there are 
"•earning hOW tO handle f many more but these will have to 

explosives is but / do for now. There are of course 

\ / reasons why not to join as there 

\ one of many j l ^ 

Jg examples 11 

C many good reasons why to join 

. the military, especially if you hap- 
pen to be a survivalist, there are 
Le j many more but these will have to 
/ do for now. There are of course 
/ reasons why not to join as there 
/ are reasons not to ever do anything 
remotely dangerous or demanding, but 
that view of what not to do in life leads to 
a boring and, I believe, unsatisfying life. 

Dther benefits for the survivalist include \ exaiTIDleS 11 

getting paid to get in shape. Now, every- >, 
body doesn't like the kind of shape the mili- 
tary gets you in. Different units and different 
countries focus on different things in mili- WDrsG and joining the military to earn a living been to Lebanon clearing mines and lEDs two 
tary physical training but focus tends to be j s starting to seem as a viable choice even times, being asked if it wasn't dangerous. He 
on endurance and mobility and not being as among social groups where it was earlier replied: "Yes, of course it's dangerous, but 
strong or as thin as possible. Really strong frowned upon. At least that is what it looks SD ' s crossing the street, and that never 
people actually may have a hard time keep- |jk G from where I'm standing. While my expe- stops people from doing it every day", 
ing their muscle mass and really slim people 
often find themselves becoming fatter (the 
author for example gained 8 kg of weight 
during his military service). Military training J 

tends to make your physique well rounded 
rather than helping you reach your peak in 
one area. This is not a bad thing according to 
me, but bodybuilders and models be aware! 

The military is also a good place for extend- 
ing your personal network. People join the 
military for all different kinds of reasons and 
you will meet a lot of people from social fields 
you otherwise might be unlikely to encounter, 
no less befriend. This is becoming increas- 
ingly true as the economic crisis is getting 



A Gift frDm the gads Df 

the Internet Dr a social engineer's dream? 

What do TJ Maxx, Heartland Payment Systems, 7-11 and the US Secret Service all have in common? 
What you can't guess? Then I will tell you. 

The answer is Albert Gonzales. Albert was arrested in 2DDG for what was believed to be the 
largest identity theft in US history, stealing over 4D million credit card numbers. 

He was somehow released and then became an informant for the US Secret Service where he 
continued to steal credit cards to the tune of I3D million numbers. 

How is it that identity theft phishing, credit card fraud and the like are so much easier today? 

The answer can lie in the story Df Lnri 
Drew and MySpace. An DVEr-prDtective 
mother creates a fake MySpace page tn 
harass her daughter's rival. This stDry is 
all tan CDmmDn and just the tip Df the ice- 

Creating false social media pages is 
as easy as creating a YahDD Dr Gmail 

account. Maybe today I want to be a IS 
year Did girl, tomorrow a successful WWII 
pilot and the next day an entrepreneur Df 
a Fortune 500 company... all possible on- 
line. But you might be asking, "what does 
all this have to do with social engineer- 


The Social Engineering Framework 
work] states, "Social EnginEEring is de- 
fined as the process of deceiving people 
into giving away access or confidential 
nfarmation". Wikipedia defines it as: "is 
tie act of manipolating people into per- 
forming actions or divolging confidential 
n formation. While similar to a confidence 

trick or simple fraod, the term typically 
applies to trickery or deception for the 
porpose of information gathering, fraod 
or compoter system access; in most 
cases the attacker never comes face-to- 
face with the victim. " 

What do you consider confidential infor- 

For some it is as little as where in the 
world they live or their contact info, for 
others it is pictures of their family... but 
for all of us it is our ID numbers, social 
security numbers, birth dates, credit card 
numbers and the like. 

This information is what malicious peo- 
ple can and do use to steal our identities, 
steal our money and wreak havoc on our 
banking and credit scores. 


Recently we were auditing a company for 
security reasons (at their request) and 
we found the technology they ran a tight 
ship. Their firewalls where hardened and 
their perimeter was pretty secure, not 
giving us much room to "hack" in. Dut of 
a whim I decided to see what I could find 
on the CED just by using Google and a 
popular Information Gathering Tool called 
Maltego [ 
gineering_Tools:_Maltego]. By just using 
his email address and doing some simple 
searches we were able to recover all this 
data in under 1.5 hours: 

Names of all his kids 
Pictures of his ex-wife and kids 
Names and address of his parents 
Names and address of his sister 
Where he attended high school 
Where he attends church 
What restaurants he likes 
What food is his favorite 
What sport and team he favors 
The names and IP addresses of his 

There was more, but this was enough to 
launch a very successful social engineer- 
ing attack. And guess where 99% of this 
information was located? Social Net- 
works. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, My- 
Space. Many people feel the protection is 
that one has to have an account in order 
to get their personal information. Well, I 
just happened to be James Jones, owner 
of the Fortune 500 interested in your 
products, and with similar likes. That 
mixed with the way most people auto- 
matically approve those requesting ac- 
cess to their social pages and we had lift 

SO WHAT? IT ISN'T MY licious social engineer will do, use the in- 

CREDIT CARD INFO... herent weaknesses in the social networks 

Ok, that is fair. But imagine this... I know to exploit you and gain valuable informa- 

that you just took your two sons to a Yan- tion. 
kee's game and afterwards hit up the 
amazing sushi place downtown. WHAT CAN YOU 1)0 

Would you respond to a phone message TO PROTECT YOURSELF? 
from the Children's Outing Network? We Be more aware of who is trying to con- 
are offering you free Yankee's tickets and nect to you and why. Do not auto-allow 
when you sign up for our free newsletter people to obtain your information. Better 
we put you in the running for a $100 gift yet, do not put all your personal all over 
card to - you guessed it - Your Favorite the web for the world to find. Be selective 
Sushi Just send me an email about what you put out there about peo- 
to pie and how much of it you allow. Want to 

Sure enough the email comes in, but share pics of the kids and wife with your 

what comes back is 
a maliciously crafted 
PDF named, Newslet- 
ter.pdf sending me a 
reverse shell to my 
computer and we 
owned you. All of this 
based on informa- 
tion we obtained 
from social net- 
works. Hitting key- 
words, hitting favo- 
rites makes the 

Maybe today I want to 

be a 13 year old girl, 

tomorrow a successful 

WWII pilot and the next 

day an entrepreneur 

of a Fortune 500 

all possible online. 

family? Make a 
secure page 
that only 

your close knit 
group has ac- 
cess to. Edu- 
cate yourself to 
the risks and 

the methods 
out there. The 
Internet is a fun 
place that does 
make the world 

victim automatically a lot smaller, 

like you and automatically feel rapport just be aware of the dangers and educate 

and trust. If you are a snowboarding, tat- yourself of the risks. Being armed with 

tooed dude then I am a surfing tattooed this knowledge can definitely lead you to 

chick. a more secure place. 

Chris is on the dEVElopmEnt team and the 
lead social engineer for, a wsbsits that was dovolopod to 
hooso the world's first Social Enginooring 
Framework It is comploto with tools, tips, 
tricks andhow-to:s on social onginEEring. 

Jhs endeavor is to educate companies and 
psopls to tho risks so thoy can protoct 
against the increasing nombcr of social en- 
ginEaring, phishing and deception attacks 
being ossd today. 

Now the scary thought. If we can do all 
this and think of all this just for a pentest, 
what are the malicious evil hacker types 
going to do? 

I think the best way to summarize this is 
to use a quote from an article on Albert 
Gonzales: "Albert was not a computer ge- 
nius with unlimited talent. No, instead he 
just knew where to look and how to un- 
cover the vulnerabilities and weaknesses 
in common systems.'lhat is what a ma- 

rWhen I was first asked to give advice to Americans about sarging in 
Sweden, my thought was "DDNT DD IT!" 
Don't sarge in Sweden, I mean, not don't share my 4 years of ex- 
Those years saw me living in Stockholm and Gothenburg, sarging 
scores of super-model quality HBs r the hottest I've ever met and ex- 
ploring sexually in ways I never did with English girls. 

The reason I thought "don't do it", is because 
it can become a life sentence. So good are 
your prospects as an American, Canadian, 
Australian or Brit that it's entirely possible 
you could plan to go to Sweden for 2 weeks 
and stay ID years. I can personally attest to 
meeting and working with native English 
speakers who had travelled to Sweden on va- 
cation, met a SHB, stayed on there for the 
sake of the relationship and the mind-blow- 
ing sexual options, had a kid and found them- 
selves still in Sweden years later. 

This is the reason I warn about going to Swe- 
den - you need to know what you are getting 

into and you need to be strong. The story of 
Ddysseus in Greek mythology sees the hero 
tying himself to the mast of his ship as he 
sails through the valley of the beautiful 
Sirens who attempt to lure him. Such are the 
sarging prospects in Sweden that you need 
to be as strong as Ddysseus if you want to 
win the game on your terms. Many a brave 
American I met during my time there had 
sailed to Sweden after hearing the Sirens' 
call and found himself checkmated into a LTR 
or marriage when all he'd wanted was some 
action in the sack. I and the people I met 
called ourselves "the refugees of love", be- 
cause we were all western English speakers 

living with hot Swedish chicks in what turned 
out to be a quite an alien environment. 

So why am I both warning you of long term 
entrapment and revealing hints of the sexual 
paradise that awaits? Simply because so 
often a choice has to be made between one's 
short term enjoyment and the sacrifices one 
makes when living in what remains, still, a 
rather different culture. 

Sweden is cold in winter, the people tend to 
be reserved and unemotional and it's bloody 
expensive. Dn the other hand, they tend to 
like English-speaking westerners, they are 
sexually liberated and are carnally open in 
ways that make your typical western Anglo- 
phone society seem Victorian and prudish. 

Having said all this as a pre-cursor, here are 
some thoughts on sarging in Sweden. 

First, speak English. Let people know you are 
American or British etc. I learned this the 
hard way - I speak decent Swedish but I still 

sound foreign to the Swedes. They some- 
times tank me for a Yugoslavian refugee and 
would not respond to my openers. From their 
point of view, Americans and Brits simply 
don't speak Swedish; certainly not as well as 
I can. Therefore, the Swedes seemed to sur- 
mise that because I was white and spoke 
Swedish with a foreign accent I must be 
some immigrant type. My attempts to open 
at the bus stop, on the street and in 
bars were met with suspicion. Immi- ^\\Cv^ 
grants are not high value people in Swe- 

or American chicks. Many times I just met a 
Swedish girl in a one to one situation - they 
tend to be strong on equality and it's not like 
some places where girls go out only with 
other chicks. In Sweden I was able to meet 
girls in restaurants and bars when they were 
on their own. Also, I was able 
to meet chicks . ^ 

ate & e * e detv 



den, usually. But when I spoke English and V)Y VJv ' x -' v\C^ v> " cP\V^ 

let them know early on I am British, the A^tV^ ' O^ 

response was so much better. They'd say vv> vvrilV^ ^ \i\W 

things like "Dh I love London!", and "Do you a§ S" ^v \Q 

know there are more people living in London 
than in all of Sweden", or "You're English! I 
love the Beatles". From there it was much 
easier to build rapport. 


In the bedroom I was able to push for new 
sexual boundaries including getting my LTR 
to admit she wanted to try sex with another 
girl. I'd never had that from English girls, 
ever! I could go into more graphic detail in 
this area and expound on the new sexual bor- 
ders I crossed with my LTR but I'll save it and 
be discreet, at least online. 

I laid Swedish girls too on holiday in Copen- 
hagen, Croatia and Turkey. I had them visit 
me in Spain and England. They were all great 
times of exploring sexually. The Swedish 
chicks are so more feminine than the British 

xv^ m 

00*<* r 

& through fore-play 

parties. When I was first invited to 
one, I almost shot my load. They turn out, 
though, to be parties for drinking before the 
night out proper happens. Be warned, the 
drinks are damned expensive in Sweden so 
it's quite common to go to a pre-party in 
someone's house to save money. Then you 
have the night out, followed sometimes, by 
after-play. In both the fore-play and after- 
play parties I was able to build attraction and 
close the deal. 

Although individual equality, especially for 
women's rights, is emphasized a lot in Swe- 
den, the group is incredibly important. Not 

rocking the boat and fitting in is an impor- 
tant concept. There is the concept of 
"lagom", which means average or just 
enough; not too much and not too little. The 
Swedes like lagom, and if you disrupt it by 
challenging the established Swedish way of 
doing things, you can pay a price of being 
alienatated by the group. This is important 
when gaming because you need to pay spe- 
cial attention to winning over the group if the 
chick is in a set. Having the group accept you 
and see you as cool is especially important in 
Sweden and it is a double edged sword in 
the sense that if you do succeed in winning 
the group to you then that group con- 
formity works for you and not against 
you. In addition, the men tend to be quite 
shy and the women more the bosses. 

In my experience, the younger Swedish 
chicks like a bad boy foreigner when they are 
younger - they like the fun, excitement and 
the novelty. But when they are slightly older 
and it comes to long term relationships and 
having kids, they often settle with a boring, 
dependable Sven (a Swedish man). Not al- 
ways, but damn often enough for me and the 
other guys I used to sarge with to notice it 
and comment on it in agreement. 

There is a ton more I could say about Swe- 
den, especially about the psychology of the 
people when it comes to sarging, but I'll leave 
it there for now and perhaps I can do a Q and 
A session as a follow up. 




Robert A. Heinlein, "the dean of science fiction writers", was barn in I9D7 and died roughly 
2D years ago. The young Bible belt boy joined the navy and got married a couple of times in 
his twenties but he left the military after 5 years due to illness. He started writing sience fic- 
tion short stories in 1929 and later he started writing longer novels. His characters are often 
intelligent and independent adventurers who might sometimes laugh in the face of danger but 
if it can at all be done they much rather search for earthly (and mostly horizontal) pleas- 
ures. In most of his works his philosophy shines through and even if a lot of the stuff he writes 
makes me consider him an old, fairly dirty and very weird man, he's also a big inspiration. 
I felt a strong need to write something about this since I feel that it's just that important, but 
on the other hand I'm very lazy. I can't be bothered to explain too much stuff since I'm busy 
watching zombie movies and figuring out how much booze my body can take without turning 
green. Thus, I'll simply let the man speak for himself by giving you my ten favorite quotes 
from his books. 

"I willaccEpt the rules that yuu feel necessary to your 
freedum. I am free, no matter what rulss surround 
ma. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find 
them too obnoxioos, I break them. I am free because 
I know that I alone am morally responsible for every- 
thing I do." 
The moon Is a Harsh Mistress (13GB) 

I feel that this might be at least part of the foundation 
the rest of the stuff I'll quote later builds upon. You 
are responsible, it's your choice, no one can take your 
moral responsibility away. What's right is right and 
what's wrong is wrong and no matter what the Bible, 
the local legal system or your mother says it's up to 
you to do what you feel is right. Dh yeah, not that I 
think Heinlein felt like me about the last part but 
everything gets better if you play Breaking the Law 
in the background. 

"It may be better to be a live jackal than a dead lion, 

but it is better still tu be a live linn. And usually eas- 


The Notebooks of Lazarus Long (1978) 

I'll just take this as: "Be a man". Sure, it's not the eas- 
iest thing and in the end you might die or lose or 
whatever the crap you're afraid of, but at least you'll 
get the girl. Dr, failing that, your self-respect will be 

"Widuws are far better than brides. They dun't tell 
they wun't yell they don't swell they rarely smell and 
they're gratefol as hell. " 
To Sail Beyond the Sunset (1987) 

I have no idea how he knew this, and to be quite hon- 
est I've never been able to try the theory (and not for 
lack of trying!) but it still sounds like a good piece of 
advice to bring along on the trip that is your life. 

Jour enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep 
this in mind; it may offer a way to make him your 
friend. If not you can kill him withuut hate - and 
guickly. " 
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long (I97B) 

^\^ text DUSTY V • 

Everyone is always working for soma goal. 
Most people are always selfish in one way ar 
another, and the others we lock up in mental 
institutions. However, very few actually con- 
sider themselves a villain. Except that guy in 
Doctor Horrible's sing a long blog. Some- 
times you can find a way to work together to 
achieve a common goal and sometimes you 
can't, but it's very often correct not to let 
feelings get in the way of achieving some- 

"Never appeal to a man's 'batter nature.' He 
may not have Dne. Invoking his self-interest 
gives you more leverage. " 

More of the same stuff. I've always hated it 
and instinctively looked for the nearest ob- 
ject suitable to hit someone in the head with 
whenever someone told me that they did 
something for "my own good". I have my 
goals, you have yours. Let me worry about 
mine and if you want to help me, don't do so 
by going against my wishes. 

"Love is the condition in which the happiness 
of another person is essential to your own. " 
Stranger in a Strange Land (I9GI) 

I like this definition. A lot. He also states that 
"Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy con- 
dition. The immature mind often confuses one 
for the other, or assomes the greater the 
love, the greater the jealousy. In fact they are 
almost incompatible;both at once produce 
unbearable turmoil". This makes sense to me 
much more than sit-coms and bad lyrics in 
worse songs you can hear on the radio. 

"Sin lies only in hurting other people unnec- 
essarily. All other 'sins' are just invented 
nonsense. " 

Another fairly basic principle which I can 
agree with very easily. Do what you want, but 
don't hurt people if it can at all be helped. For 
me, this is just a simplified and better ver- 
sion of the Golden 
Rule. And, you know, the easier the better. 

I'm busy watching 
zombie movies and 

figuring out how 
much booze my body 

can take without 
turning green 

"Man is not a rational animal, he is a ration- 
alizing animal" 
Assignment in Eternity (1353) 

This is really good to remember. People do all 
kinds of random shit because it feels right or 
because they didn't feel like thinking enough 
before acting, which makes them fairly un- 
predictable. But if you ask them later you can 
be sure that most people will have some kind 
of explanation for their stupid shit, and that 

Heinlein approved^efSf 

they might even believe in it themselves. 

"Democracy can't work. Mathematicians, 
peasants, and animals, that's all there is - so 
democracy, a theory based on the assump- 
tion that mathematicians and peasants are 
egual, can never work. Wisdom is not addi- 
tive; its maximom is that of the wisest man in 
a given groop. " 
Glory Road (I3G3) 

Not that I can say that there's a better way to 
pick our leaders than through a free election, 
but something is really weird in democracy. 
If it in fact is so that we get the leaders we 
deserve, the average voter is by my best 
guess fairly stupid. I don't believe in a dicta- 
torship either, but just because most alter- 
natives are bad it doesn't necessarily mean 
that democracy is good. 



body by Qats 

f^ , . r ^^ 2 1^ _ ^ ^ 1 ^ text AHA 

by (QiQh pqqIq 

Release: Dctaber 21, 2DD 

Pages: 124 (e-bDDk) 

Wzup Leigh?!! 

Leigh Peele is an interesting dudette from the glorious State of North 
Carolina. She's an autodidact fat loss expert with a sexy voice who's 
built a reputation for herself on teh Internetz and IRL as a no-bullshit 
personal trainer and nutritional advisor. She co-hosts a most excellent 
fitness podcast aptly named The Fitcast. I really like her work ethic and 
inquisitive spirit: while she spends lots of time hitting the science jour- 
nals, she's also out in the field doing her own experiments and making 
observations. She's a smart cookie, that one. 
The book can be summarized thusly: embrace food and move more. 

Drthorexia Nervosa is one of the newer eat- 
ing disorders, and one that has been popping 
up more and more frequently lately. It's the 
pathological desire to only eat "pure" and 
"clean" foods, eschewing the bad guy du jour, 
whether that's carbs, saturated fats, protein, 
non-organic veggies, sodium, or whatever. 
Leigh's message is basically to chill the fuck 
out. Food is food (except Twinkies). 

She goes into a lot of studies and asks 
some interesting questions. Is organic really 
better? Are we all gonna turn into mutants 
from all the pesticides, artificial sweeteners 
and xeno-estrogens? Should we chuck the 
table salt? She gives us a crash-course in 
reading studies, showing us how to properly 
find and interpret scientific data lest we have 

to rely on sensationalist headlines proclaim- 
ing "teh horror!!! X causes imminent Y!!!" 
whenever some study comes out saying that 
X might cause Y under conditions Z. 

Her pollanesque* ethos of embracing food 
also entails connecting with it on a deeper 
level. We need to become our own personal 
chefs and practice mindful eating, not 
just go around ramming plastic-fantastic 
cheezburgers down our gullets with no real 
rhyme or reason. 

Instead of asking ourselves what food can 
do to us, we need to ask what it can do far us. 
And while doing so, learn how to enjoy a wider 
variety of food and re-program our taste 
buds to enjoy healthy foods. 

Now, an to movement. 

Leigh Peele is the Queen of NEAT, which 
means Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. 
She knows more about this subject than any- 
one else I know of. 

I view research as a spectrum. Dn one end 
we have formal double-blind studies done by 
scrawny eggheads. Here we get statistical 
certainty (within the parameters of the 
study) but usually not a high degree of use- 
fulness on our personal level. Dn the other 
end we have anecdotal gym data: some 
jacked dude told you he did this and that and 
he grew like a Supermutant. Here we have 
the potential for true usefulness, but it's hard 
to apply the results: we have to account for 
all kinds of variables, we have no statistical 
degree of certainty, and we have no control 
group. The truly interesting results lie some- 
where in the middle, where whitecoat science 
meets gym science. Maybe this is where mad 
scientists thrive? Anyhow, our Leigh is a pi- 
oneer in this area. 

In the book she chronicles the experiments 
she did utilizing a calorimetric doo-dad called 
a BodyBugg and a bunch of willing subjects. 
This gadget measures caloric expenditure 
using various heuristics such as skin tem- 
perature and number of steps taken. It does- 
n't deliver a perfectly accurate metric, but 
it's good enough for experiments. 

Same of her findings: 

- After high-intensity exercise, people are 
less likely to move for the rest of the day. 

- The calories spent while cooking are sur- 
prisingly high. 

- When people are aware of NEAT, they burn 
more calories. 

- When people move more, they eat less. 

- You've heard about paleo eating, how about 
paleo "grocery-shopping"? She sent a bunch 
of guys & gals out in the wilderness to get 
some food. The caloric expenditure, unex- 
pectedly, was huge. 

- People overestimate their BMR (Base Meta- 
bolic Rate). It doesn't matter if you're a huge 
guy, if you just sit around and read Slashdot 
you're not burning that much. But get up and 
move around and you will burn a lot. 

Some other neat (hah!) adds B ends: 

- An innovative activity quiz to give a better 
estimate of daily NEAT levels than the tradi- 
tional Benedict-Harris method. 

- A very interesting quiz to determine your 
meal type personality, to gauge your ideal 
meal frequency and portion sizes. 

- The importance of weighing your food, not 
just estimating cup sizes and such. (Never 
estimate cup size, always measure!) She has 
some videos on this topic on Youtube, show- 
ing you the huge error variance when you're 
just winging it. 

- A quick expose on the history of 
food and the struggle of farmers 
vs gatherers. There are more in- 
depth books on this, but it's an in- 
teresting splash of personality. 

- Make your kitchen your home 
base in the war against body fat. 

- A quick cooking course. 

- A shitload of recipes, for all 
kinds of diets, with beautiful food- 
porn to whet your appetite. I srsly 
need to try the "I can have bacon 



and cheese chicken sandwich". Gotta love a 
woman who knows how to cook and can make 
you chuckle at the same time! 

- "Calories count" is always numero uno, but 
other things are important too. It's hard to 
pigeonhole Leigh: while she's mostly in the 
portion-control camp, she's not a die-hard 

- The book comes with an audiobook version, 
read by Leigh herself in her sultry drawl. This 
is something other authors should take note 
of. A lot of people, including myself, assimi- 
late data way better through this vector. I 
just don't have time to sit around and read 
e-books, but I do have a lot of spaces in the 
day where can I listen to some audio. 

- Basic but sound info on nutrition theory 

we need to become our 

own personal chefs and 

practice mindful eating, 

not just qo around 

ramming plastic-tbntastic 

cheezburgers down our 

gullets with no real 

rhyme or reason. 

and how to lose or gain weight. 

- Her basic philosophy on fat loss is that we 
should go to war on our fat and get down to 
a maintenance level once and for all. Then we 
need to learn proper eating habits that can 
sustain us for life. 

- If you want to eat according to a certain 
food niche like veganism or whatever, that's 
totally fine but really know WHY you are doing 

- Exercise is good, constant movement is 
better. Turn your life into a workout. 

Should you buy this book? I don't know that I 
would. But that's mainly due to my personal 
pet peeves. There's nothing wrong with the 
content - it's awesome - but the thing is 
that I just don't like e-books. I like to have a 
shelf full of esoteric books on topics varied 
and sundry as a testament to my huge intel- 
lect. Df course, there's another aspect which 
I haven't mentioned yet, which is access to 
Leigh's online support network/forum and 
consultation services, which is going to be 
done on a subscription basis. Dn an entre- 
preneurial level, I find this to be quite ingen- 
ious; fitness professionals could really 
innovate with this concept of adding a dy- 
namic service to a static product. 

Dne thing's for sure, we should all keep our 
eyes on Leigh and watch what she does in the 
future. I bet it will be interesting. Per- 
sonally, I hope she starts doing greasy 
exercise videos or something. Mmm... 
Leigh Peele doing snatches and jerks 
wearing only a Confederate flag and a 
jar of natural peanut butter... 

I'll be in my bunk. 

* In dEfEnsE of food by Michael Pollan 
** Goad calories, bad caloriES, by Gary 

review ^^^ 

The Body F»f 

^^^ text AHA ■ Release: January 8, 2DD9 

V| m Pages: 33B 

Tarn Venuta is an interesting dude. He's a lifelong natural (aka no raidz) 
bodybuilder who's managed to attain a pretty impressive physique 

Judging from the multitudes of self-help quotes and musings that he's 
peppered the book with, he's also a pretty wise and high-level char. I bet 
he has mad XP. 

The book starts out with a simple question: 
what is the real cause of obesity? Tom 
Venuto says there is no one singular cause 
(ie teh carbzzzz!!!!ll). He rails against the 
one-dimensional diet books that proclaim to 
have The Dne Truth. Rather, the reality is that 
unwanted body fat is caused by a whole bun- 
dle of intertwined issues. Some examples: not 
having proper information, nutritional dogma, 
looking for quick fixes, not taking responsi- 
bility, and not having the proper support en- 

The unifying factor here is that most of these 
require a holistic approach which adresses 
the psychological side of things rather than 
the low-level 

If ijOm wanf f o be ski nn<j, 

miserable and have fwclced 

jOinf s, $ef a book on 

maraf Hon running or 


Now, the fact that Tom Venuto is a body- 
builder and teaches bodybuilding methodol- 
ogy does not mean that this book is for 
bodybuilders: it just so happens that (drug- 
free) bodybuilding - which basically boils 
down to weight training, high-protein diets, 
training for aesthetics, and clear goal-set- 
ting - is a very effective methodology for 
the Average Joe who wants to look good 
nekkid. This sounds like a trivial point to 
make, but is it? Why then is the established 
dogma that the way to lose weight is to tor- 
ture yourself with endless cardio while eat- 
ing like a rabbit? If you want to be skinny, 
miserable and have fucked joints, get a book 
on marathon running or something. 

mechanics of 
what to eat and 
such. Yet most 
diet books 
don't manage 
to accomplish 
this at all. The 
value of this book is that it ties together the 
basic curriculum know-how of the body- 
building world and integrates it with equally 
basic self-help techniques that have been 
around for a long while. It's the combination 
of the two that is interesting. 

Bodybuilders and 
serious trainers 
already know how 
to train, how to 
eat, what it feels 
like to diet, what it 
means to have 
good habits, how to gauge progress, how to 
troubleshoot things, how to keep motivated, 
etc. Tom Venuto's achievement lays in trans- 
ferring this praxis of bodybuilding to the Av- 
erage Joe, who lacks battle-tested 
theoretical/experiential knowledge and who 

hasn't mastered the art of turning fleeting 
wishes of dieselness into solid unbreakable 
motivation. The lack of praxis is what turns 
people to fad diets, scammy fat burning pills, 
greasy vibrator machines, and other get- 
ripped-fast schemes. It's the sexy allure of 
neophilia, looking for magic novelty solutions 
instead of grinding on the fundamentals. 

In my opinion, this book provides steps 2 and 
3 of the classic expertise ladder: 

1. Unconscious incompetence: clueless Av- 
erage Joe doesn't know a protein from a pec- 

2. Conscious incompetence: Average Joe 
reads books and realizes his cluelessness. 

3. Conscious competence: Average Joe 
does the right things but they are not inter- 
nalized, full congruence with behaviors and 
beliefs has not been achieved. 

4. Unconscious competence: everything 
has been internalized and lifestylized. 

Some good take-home points 
from the books: 

* How to tell the difference between physical 
and emotional hunger, and how to manage 
their symptoms. 

* The A.W.A.R.E. formula - become Aware of 
emotional eating, Watch out for triggers, Ar- 
rest the behaviors, Replace behaviors, Es- 
tablish new beliefs. 

* Belief power vs willpower - willpower 
wears out, why you must build a solid foun- 
dation of beliefs/attitudes. 

* The importance of building habits. 

* The 5 principles: goalsetting and mental re- 
programming + easy calorie management 


by Tom VenMf 

techniques + cardio + weight training + social 

* The importance of planning & logistics - 
from managing holiday gluttony to planning 
out your kitchen supplies. 

* The power of social support and account- 
ability aids. 

I bought this book because I heard it was 
going to contain a bunch of diet psychology 

stuff. This has been a major interest of mine 
(since it's not a very well-explored area) for 
a while, so naturally I was stoked. I kind of 
expected some kind of major new exotic 
rocket sciency techniques. 
The book really doesn't contain that though, 
it's mostly quite standard self-help tech- 
niques. Then again, what's vanilla to me is 
life-changing to the guy who has never really 
delved into, say, goal-setting, affirmations, 

visualization, the Reticular Activation System, 
self-limiting beliefs, Pareto's Principle, etc. 

So r to conclude: the people who should NDT 
buy this book are the guys who already have 
an advanced level of knowledge about train- 
ing & nutrition and who already have stacks 
and stacks of self-help books. 
For everyone else, it's an essential buy. 


Social Engineerini 

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Exploiting Human Vulnerabilities 

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